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What. A. Year.

This year has been tough on us all. The good thing is to know we all went through some form of obstacles together, no one is facing this alone. As for us, it was exciting that we were still able to get a basketball program started in Squamish. Something we had planned to do in March, but got shut down due to Covid.

After spending a couple weeks doing outdoor sessions in August, we finally got access to an indoor space. Thanks in large part to our partnership with the Squamish Youth Services who allowed us to use their youth focused time at Brennan Park Community Centre. From there Coach Yoni and his team bought and built portable basketball systems in the community Centre. It was no easy task, but we got it done in time for our first session in late October.

We ran programs every Friday, and with a great team of coaches and kids it all went really well. We have been constantly navigating through the safety protocols put in place by Bonnie Henry and BC Health. We went from Phase 3 of training to now currently in phase 2. Meaning players can still train but must keep a distance throughout and can't compete. We have a lot of fun, team oriented drills and competitions we use to keep the kids excited. Our main goal right now is to teach kids fundamentals, and make sure they enjoy the game. They are also learning focus, discipline, as we hold them accountable during our sessions.

During winter break we held a camp, and again kept it to drills and skills only. To our surprise the kids seemed to have a great time and all of them wanted to come back for our next sessions!

As we get ready for our next term, we don't know what will happen in 2021 in regards to Covid-19. We have to learn to let go of what we cannot control, and do our best to take advantage of what we can. We keep telling our players this same message, and when game play is allowed we will be stronger from this experience!

We want to thank you, the parents, for trusting us with your child's development and we take it very seriously on and off the court. We understand as coaches the impact we can have on a young person's skills in basketball and in life, and we do our best to help them grow in the best way possible.

Lastly, remember to follow us on Instagram in our private group, @hoopreelsquamish

We will be sharing a lot of inside looks into the academy there!

Until next time,

- Coach Yoni

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